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Signature 4PLY Seasons Pattern Book by Winwick Mum

Signature 4PLY Seasons Pattern Book by Winwick Mum

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Signature 4PLY – Seasons Pattern Book by Winwick Mum

Our new collaboration with Winwick Mum captures her seasonal memories in four special Signature 4ply sock designs. 


Let’s begin with Spring; where new life emerges, leaves unfurl and primroses dot the hedgerows. Next comes Summer filled with the scent of magnificent flowers, buzzing bees and the bright afternoon sun. Then Autumn – early morning mist burns away to reveal spectacular colours. The red, brown and yellow leaves fall and crunch beneath your feet. Finally, Winter with its feathery, frosty patterns, sparkling stars, icy air and warm wool socks next to a crackling log fire.

We are all connected and inspired by these magical seasons,
from the things we see, to the things we do, and the things we create.

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