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Signature 4ply The Perfect Bouquet - Crochet Free Pattern Booklet

Signature 4ply The Perfect Bouquet - Crochet Free Pattern Booklet

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Click here to download The Perfect Bouquet - by Anna Nikipirowicz free pattern booklet

This pattern is available as a download only. If you are unable to download please call the office on 01535 664500.

The Perfect Bouquet - by Anna Nikipirowicz 

Crochet Pattern Booklet

Flowers are wonderful projects to crochet as they are quick, decorative and fun to make. They are a wonderful way to brighten an outfit, to wear in your hair or to pin to your favourite shawl or bag. Decorate and brighten your home with flower garlands, adorn cushions... the possibilities are endless. 

In this booklet you will find 13 flowers and plants corresponding to each name in the Signature 4 Ply Florist Collection. From Dusty Miller to Sweat Pea we wanted to make the flowers stand out and create a design deserving of their individual beauty. Some are 3-D, such as the Hydrangea, Cornflower and Peony, others are simpler & more delicate. Within the booklet there is a mixture of designs that will appeal to both beginners and advanced crocheters. 

Signature 4ply - The Florist Collection

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