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Exquisite 4ply Pattern Book - Chloe Birch Collection

Exquisite 4ply Pattern Book - Chloe Birch Collection

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Exquisite 4 ply - The Chloe Birch Collection

Creating an exquisite yarn is about working with beautiful natural fibres. It’s about using skill and experience to create the perfect blend. For our Exquisite range we have selected the purest Falkland Islands wool and blended it with the finest Mulberry silk to bring you one of our most luxurious yarns to date.

The Falkland Islands is a beautiful wilderness that enjoys some of the greenest conditions to rear and shear sheep in the world. It’s why this stunning and sustainable wool is so clean, pure and white. Sheep farming for the production of this high-quality fleece has been the main form of agriculture in the Falkland Islands for the last 170 years, and here at West Yorkshire Spinners we are proud to support this wonderful industry, combining our skills and craftsmanship. Falkland wool is world-renowned for its soft handle and long fibre, making it perfect for hand knitting. 

We’ve added luxurious Mulberry silk to create a supremely soft 4ply yarn in eight opulent shades, each offering beautiful depth and sheen. Chloe Birch’s sophisticated and elegant knitwear designs provide a collection that is exquisite to knit and exquisite to wear.

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